Podcast: Top 5 Best/Worst Christian TV Characters

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Alex and Mike unveil their best and worst portrayals of Christians on TV. In part 1, we look at #5-#3, we discuss our definitions of good portrayals, Alex gets super obscure and literary with his #3 pick, Mike extols the virtues of gullibility in his #4 pick, and we discover that we need to devote a whole podcast to Mad Men.

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2 Responses to “Podcast: Top 5 Best/Worst Christian TV Characters”

  1. Jacob Andrews

    With regard to your brief comments on Star Trek- as a Trekkie of sorts I’m forced to agree.
    Trek’s treatment of religion overall is, not just bad art, but implausible given what we know about human history. There are hints of a more sympathetic treatment later on, though. Humans may have lost their religion, but seeing as Klingons, Vulcans, Ferengi, and other advanced species have not, we humans start to look like the odd ones out, not the product of inevitable social evolution.

    Nevertheless, when you asked about Christians in television on facebook, my first instinct was to nominate two Star Trek characters, Kira Nerys and Kai Winn, despite the fact that neither are Christian. So if either of you haven’t watched it, I strongly recommend Deep Space Nine. It’s the best portrayal of religion in Star Trek, and I think one of the best in television. A large chunk of the plot revolves around the main character’s discovery that he is the messiah of an alien religion, and his slow acceptance of that role and partial conversion to their religion. It still suffers from a good deal of secular “it’s all about belief” myopia, and the metaphysical basis for Bajoran religion is a little too Trekky (their gods are transdimensional aliens- what else?), but overall it’s a sympathetic portrayal of the struggle of religions and religious individuals with secularism. There are silly fundamentalists (I kid you not, there’s an episode about teaching evolution in school), but there are scenes that expose secular bigotry, too. It’s a long show, and not all (or even mostly) about religion, but it’s worth looking into.

    There was also Chakotay’s generic but genuine Native American spirituality on Voyager, which the writers inexplicably forgot was part of his character around season 4 or so. (But consider this- two out of the four “classic” Star Trek crews had a religious first officer. Three if you count Spock. Four out of five, if you count Spock twice because of the Animated Series. Ignore Enterprise as usual.)


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