A Christian Psychologist Talks about Sex

Why, despite it all, Christianity still makes surprising sexual sense.

Apologies to Francis Spufford for the tagline there, but I do want to take the time to share some great audio with our readers.  Church of the Incarnation in Dallas, TX puts on a series of talks at the Ginger Man pub (one of my favorite post-college haunts) on various theological issues.  The latest talk is by Dr. Kenneth Wilgus, and it’s on Christianity and sex in the 21st Century.  By correlating my last name with that of the esteemed speaker, the canny reader will surmise that the is, in fact, my father who has written on the site before.  While I typically try to keep a steely detachment from the subject matter of my columns, I must in all honesty admit that I’m really proud of my pop here and enthusiastic about the talk.  Therefore, I won’t be responding to any dissonance in the comments section, whether in the form of reasoned disagreement or outrage  (not that this talk should inspire any vitriol, but this is the internet) so go ahead and take some free shots.  I’ll only refuse to approve abuse.

Listen to the lecture here

and the Q&A here

Another reason to give this a listen is that it provides a serviceable haven from the tidal wave of opinionating on the recent Hobby Lobby decision, and a reminder that Christianity has a lot to say about sex beyond the political realm of what is “legalized, outlawed, or paid for.”  This is not a culture war salvo.  Approach it accordingly.

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